Ho'okahi ka 'ilau like ana. Wield the paddles together.

Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson


As the world’s attention pivots to the Asia-Pacific region, Hawai‘i represents the ideal location to build the Barack Obama Presidential Center. Hawai‘i looks outward to the world. It embodies the multicultural future of the United States. Its unique history and indigenous culture have forged values and problem-solving tools that can be applied to some of the most pressing problems of our time.

  • Hawai‘i is strategically located. Culturally mixed and roughly equidistant from the world’s principal economic capitals, Hawai‘i can bring together scholars, stakeholders, and decision-makers to tackle vexing global challenges, from climate change to economic inequality.
  • Hawai‘i embodies President Obama’s unifying American vision. With its no-majority ethnic mix and traditions of compromise and dialogue, Hawai‘i has shaped the president’s inclusive values and collaborative style of governing.
  • A home away from home. A Hawai‘i presidential center will provide the First Family a base of operations in the islands and a set of institutions to advance their work.
  • Hawai‘i is Obama’s ‘ohana. As the state that voted for Obama in higher percentages than any other, Hawai‘i’s people and policymakers will enthusiastically support an Obama Presidential Center from conception to construction and beyond.
  • Viability and Global Reach. The state’s mature tourism industry will ensure an elevated domestic and international visitor count for the Obama Presidential Center and will thus contribute to the institution’s viability and global reach.
  • Sustainability. With its hospitable climate and exceptional natural features, Hawai‘i provides an unrivaled set of environmental possibilities for the Obama Presidential Center, from alternative energy generation to regular use of outdoor or open-air spaces to an expansion of Michelle Obama’s White House Kitchen Garden project.